Our Purpose

To offer our furry companions the same level of happiness they give us, and to rescue animals in need, just as they rescue our hearts.

Our Story

I first met Cola and Mocha on July 15, 2015. That evening, I was out for a walk and happened to pass some derelict property where people had abandoned various trash like vehicles and strollers. It was getting late and becoming dark, so I decided to pick up my pace. Just then, I heard some little whimpering sounds. Following the noise, I discovered two little pups cowering under a car. Realizing they must be hungry, I sprinted to the nearest convenience store to get them some food and water.

My visits to the pups continued every night, until one day, a guy high on drugs approached us and began muttering something I couldn’t understand. Suddenly, without warning, he grabbed Cola, the more diminutive, seemingly meeker pup. Before I could react, Mocha made a charge towards the man, barking wildly in an attempt to save his brother. Knowing they stood no chance against the assailant, I threw myself into the fight. This was the only time in my life that I fought like Wonder Woman, albeit much less gracefully. Taken aback, the druggie fled. As I watched his silhoutte fade into the distance, I realized that it was far too dangerous for the pups to stay in this place. I gathered my things off the floor and took a few steps before turning around to face Cola and Mocha. "Wanna come home with me?" I asked. Amazingly, as though understanding what I just said, they both began heading in my direction. That night, we walked home together.

So, this is how I became a dog owner. “My dogs own me, not the other way round!” I've been told. Adopting them was, however, the best decision I’ve ever made.

Over the years since then, I have managed a variety of dog and cat issues, from rescuing puppies from puppy mills to dealing with canine sibling rivalry to saving street cats. If you are having any issues with your four-legged friends, please feel free to contact my team and me. We may not be Jackson Galaxy or Cesar Millan, but we might be able to help.

Our Mission


Adopt don’t shop! Rather than shop for their next furry friend, we encourage people to adopt by bringing home a rescue who really needs a loving home.


We are committed to creating a community where animal lovers can connect, share, help, and learn from one another.


We will continually educate our audience and promote the best ways of taking care of their pets.


Our aim is to create and deliver the finest products for our animal companions and their guardians.

And finally,


You might find the latest, most popular pet product available, a helpful article on care, training, or feeding, or your perfect four-legged soulmate at Furkits. We want to create an environment where happy accidents happen by design.

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