Tip 1. Front and Center 

We need a close-up of your pet's face and chest to turn them into an awesome piece of art!

Tip 2. Good Lighting

Please take your photo outside in daylight or a well-lit room. Our artists work directly with the pet photo you upload, so make sure you capture your pet in a good light condition and that you're happy with the colors in your pet photo.

Tip 3. Position

The more detail, the better. Try to get a close-up of your pet. Sitting down and standing up photos work best. Please avoid taking pet photos from overhead. Remember not to leave their ears out of the frame!

Tip 4. One Pet Per Photo

One pet per photo. If you have a pair of inseparable pets that you want on one blanket, don't worry, we can still do that! We will review your photos once you place your order and, we will email you if there is an issue with the photos you provided.  

Great Photo Example 

Here are some great example of a great pet photo!