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Sue W.

I’ve had no problem with tearing but I only use them for my cat’s litter box. So I don’t exactly handle the bags roughly. I’m very pleased with finding a compostable poop bag that works just as well as the plastic ones. Knowing this product is compostable makes me feel better about tossing em in the trash once or twice a day.

Thea S.

With big dogs comes big poops. Being a proud Newfoundland mommy, I've been through many a poop bag in my day (literally through, because Newf poop is heavy and so many bags are too flimsy to support it), and these are the absolute best. They are they thick enough that I trust them not to break.

Gross detail to attest to the strength of these bags: my female has relatively small poops in comparison to my male. He tends to go #2 two or three times per walk, which can get expensive in the poop bag department. Since the female is very good about doing her business early on, I'm able to pick hers up and hold the bag for reuse when the male inevitably goes a few steps away. I've never seen a single hole appear in these bags, not even while scraping up the runny poops on concrete.

Sarah Kahn

Great size and thickness. Love that they are better for the environment than regular plastic bags.


Good size bags, good quality, durable bags that don't rip or tear when using, used to pick up lots in the backyard after the snow melted and it stayed in tack with and i have a large dog, the only issue was the sticker holding the bags together doesn't tear easy so your wasting the first bag but other then that work great.

J. Roman
Durable, & hold a lot of crap! Literally!!

We absolutely LOVE these! There's no smell and they hold up so much better than the crappy plastic ones (pun not intended). They also hold more than other compostable bags we've tried. We have a large dog that generally goes 3 separate times in a single session - and each pile is full sized. Most times we can use a single bag for all of it. Once in a great while we'll need 2. We won't be changing anytime soon!

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