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Hannah Evans
Fast delivery, very engaging toys

Made an order for 2 bundles somewhere at the beginning of December and the items are already here, quite impressed with the delivery time especially with all that news of slow shipping globally thanks to covid. Anyhow, the fox and bunny are larger than i expected, and my dogs get extremely excited when ever I take them out. One of my dogs has a penchant for chasing long objects, and the other follows. Santa ring and the christmas rope ball appear to be very sturdy but I've yet to use them long enough to say for sure. Last 2 toys I got are duplicates - squeaker raccoon and I have to say these things are sound machines. I dont even konw how to describe my dogs' reactions to the raccoon when i repeatedly step on it. It was the right choice for me getting 2 of these. I just wnt to say these are a wonderful selection of toys, so please keep them coming!

Victor Garcia
no regrets

made a very hasty decision to buy this bag, seeing that it was a bundle offer but honestly i did not regret it. The jingle ball really catches my dogs attention and is quite tough. also got the crazy raccon and fish, because im just too lazy to play tug with my dog. I just toss the toys and he will chase it. And the free candy toy is going to hang on the wall somewhere next month, saves me trouble of buying decorations. Pretty good value.

Valerie Kwan
Dogs didn't spare the bag lol

I was as excited to receive the toy bundle yesterday after placing an order slightly more than a week ago. My intention was to hide it from them but they saw it the moment i brought it in lol. I just can't say no to them so gave in once again. They loved the jingle ball the most, but did spend time wrestling for the reindeer and gingerbread man. yet to test putting treats into the reindeer. But what's most odd is that they totally treated the bag as a toy too lol. And here i was thinking i could use it to store my christmas decorations after christmas...

yasmine berrada

just like to say the swirly fox toy is real big ( about the length of my entire arm) and a great choice if you have medium to large dogs. It feels really solid too like you could play tug with it. Other 2 toys i bought in this bundle were ring santa (just press the squeaker and do a frisbee throw it'll work for sure) and ruddy reindeer for the treats. decent value and good quality overall i feel.

Kevin Chen
Prompt delivery and service

The wife and I were searching for some gifts online for our pups and came across furkits, decided to give it a try, have to say their customer service is helpful and the bundle bag came within 8 days, so we're way ahead of Christmas. Now the only issue is keeping the dogs away from the bag until its at least close to Chrismas...

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